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Why I won't use a retractable leash

Because they are dangerous to the dog and the walker. Using a leash is to keep your dog safe and under your control. When a leash allows your dog to get far away from you, as retractable leashes do, that is the opposite of what you want for your dogs safety. This leash type gives them the freedom to lunge towards cars, other dogs, and people. Retractable leashes are also responsible for burns and cuts to horrific amputations to you and your dog. When training a dog to heal, they are to walk next to you or behind you, in most cases, these devices are counterproductive to training a dog to walk politely and heal. Retractables train dogs to pull on the leash to extend to where they want to go.

.1. The length of retractable leashes, some of which can extend up to 26 feet, allows dogs to get far enough away from you putting both of you in a situation that can quickly turn dangerous. A dog on a retractable leash is often able to run into the street, for example, or make uninvited contact with other dogs or people. Sometimes the leash locks and you can't pull them back quick enough.

2. I recommend a 4-6 foot standard leash. The length depends on the height of the dog. It's much easier to regain

control of or protect your dog at the end of a standard leash than it is if he's 20 or so feet away on a thin string.

3. The thin cord of a retractable leash can shred or break. I witnessed a strong, boxer take off at full speed, after a low flying bird the cord snapped and shot back like a rubber band and injured the owner.

4. Dogs have also received terrible injuries as a result of the sudden jerk on their neck that occurs when they pull the leash to full extension, including neck wounds, lacerated tracheas, and injuries to the spine. Also why I prefer harnesses but that's for another blog.

5. Other dogs might perceive your dog as aggressive while they are pulling you on a walk. In fear the other dog might "fight back".

6. The handles of retractable leashes are bulky and can be easily pulled out of walkers hands, resulting in a runaway dog. Many dogs are afraid of the sound of a dropped retractable leash handle. Then the dog runs and the leash is "running" after them. This can result in a fear of walking.


I am available to walk your dog and will bring my own leash if you want.

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