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Pet Tech Devices That Make Your Life Easier.

Just as microwaves have made our daily lives easier, smart pet tech products make life with pets easier too. All the "Best Of" lists are out for 2022, including pet products. I picked out the 9 best pet tech products and gadgets you never knew you needed but will love.

Go Pro Tech: Wearable Pet Harness

A wearable harness that straps to your dog to let you record video footage through the eyes of your pet and it's waterproof! Your Tiktok page is going to get extra cute.

Sureflap: Microchip Pet Door

Afraid of the neighborhood raccoon getting in your house for a snack? The SureFlap prevents this by only opening the door when the device reads your pet's microchip. I love that this means my dogs can use the yard and my cat is safe indoors.

Dog Parker: Smart Dog House

Want to do an errand on the way home from the dog park? Do you leave them in the car, bring them in, ask someone to watch them outside? Dog Parker has developed a different option, a climate controlled, safety dog house that you can rent. There is a membership then a pay by minute option. Currently in NY, let's hope to see these everywhere.

Embark: Dog DNA Test Kit

Get to know your dog inside and out. Break down your dog's breed makeup, ancestry and origin even link to his relatives. You can get the kit with added health identification to better understand your pup's genetics and potential health issues.

Furbo: Pet Camera

You can watch your pet when you're out, talk to them and toss them treats. Newer systems come with a detector that alerts you when your dog is barking, great feature for apartment homes.

PetSafe: Ball Launcher

Save your arm muscles! If your dog really loves fetch and you're busy, this automated ball launcher is the way to go. Train your dog to drop the ball in the hole and the launcher will toss it out. You can program the distances so you can use inside and out.

Cheerble Wickedbone: Automated Bone

This automatic toy recognizes 12 emotions in dogs and is programmed to respond accordingly. Ex- it might notice your dog is acting withdrawn and tease him to play in response. You can join the fun too by controlling the toy through the app with a virtual joystick.

Litter-Robot 4: Auto Litter Box

Automated litter boxes aren't new but the new Litter Robot version 4 has been redesigned. It is now more comfortable for all cat sizes, features advanced litter sifting and reduced litter tracking technology and real time monitoring of your cat's waste through the Whisker app. There is also an upgraded OdorTrap System to neutralize cat odors. Auto boxes take a while for your cat to get used to if he is a scaredy versus a curious cat so you'll need patience.

Fi Series 3 Dog Collar: GPS Dog Tracker

The tracking is very accurate due to satellites and a LTE-M cellular network which reaches 30% farther than 5G. It also has is own special tech that can detect the moment your dog leaves your home, and will notify you when it happens. The app also gives you detailed information about your dog's activity, sleep and you can set fitness goals for her.

The way smart technology is growing, we can expect a lot of new innovations to help us improve our pet’s lives. As the category develops in 2023, I will try to keep this Blog updated. Let me know if you have a pet tech product you love.


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