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Why dogs need toys

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

We give our dogs affection, attention and love. But dogs need to play with us and on their own, it is important to their overall well-being. Playing with toys provide cognitive benefits, and a physical way to relieve stress. Here’s 5 reasons why playing with toys are important for dogs.

Peanut enjoys playing ball with someone or alone.

Five ways dogs play

  • A dogs primal instinct is hunting and/or retrieving food. So it’s natural for a dog to seek out and return things to their human. Fetch is a fun way to play. You can use rope toys, balls or plush toys.

  • Following up on that hunting instinct, prey would make noises while they were hunted. Squeaker toys respond to this instinct. Your dog also knows that making noise will help get them attention from you which is what they really want most!

  • High-energy or anxious dogs can relieve boredom or stress with chew toys.

  • Have more than one dog? Having them play tug o’ war with each other gives your dogs the opportunity to bond. Again from the hunt instinct push and pull in the wild would be used to kill prey.

  • Dogs love to explore. Thinker toys let them do that and help with bordem.

Toys make dogs of any age happy.

Whether you're away from home for work or play, having toys is comforting for your dog. When you are home you can engage with them for added bonding. If you are gone for an extended amount of time you can hire me to come play toys with your dog! Marlene of Care 4 Pets inc.

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